Having had Manoly Furniture repair a very expensive and delicayely crafted chair for us with ornate woodwork that had one side break in two, we know how incredible their

workmanship is!! No one who visits our home can find the repair.

William Charles



We had a bedroom set that belonged to my wife's parents. When we moved to Florida we wanted it restored and used in our guestroom. Manoly furniture was reccommened to 

us by a neighbor we had met. They picked it up and completely re did the set. It was beautiful and brought back a lot of found memories for my wife.  We will reccommened Manoly furniture in the future

Frank& Marian Rocher


Courtesious and a quick turna round. Just what I needed

John Osborne


We had a large move from up North and had sustained quite a bit of damage. Manoly came out representing the moving company. They were able to settle our claim and repair the damage that happened in the move.

Barry Merrick Sarasota FL.


We had a water leak from a broken line on a dishwasher. We had damage to our Kitchen cabinets. The insurance company sent out Manolys and all was resolved and repaired to our satisfaction

Mr. Mrs.  Gant

Ft Myers FL